Marketplace gives clients a fully operational, easy-to-use solution combining multi-supplier online ordering with the additional benefits provided by the Purchase2Pay modules.

Marketplace provides a cost-effective means of channelling orders, goods receipt and 3-way invoice reconciliation through a simple to use operational and system hub.

Why Marketplace?

This provide users with a single point of order, goods receipt facilities, invoice data reconciliation and payment approval across multiple suppliers with built-in facilities for the effective management of exceptions.

The solution is supported by established customer care and optional procurement services to ensure a fully integrated solution is presented to both clients and suppliers.

What are the benefits of choosing Marketplace?

Marketplace saves time and money across the whole of the client's organisation.

  • Orders are completed online using smartphone or compact tablets and are issued electronically to suppliers.
  • User adoption is high because raising purchase requests and receipting goods becomes easy and simple while at the same time controls are embedded across the whole purchasing process.
  • Massive benefits are gained by taking control of your purchasing which drives further gains and cost reductions in accounts payable.
  • Because purchases are approved up front the majority of invoice processing becomes fully automated and exceptions are efficiently managed.
  • Clients can also benefit from improved pricing as result of consolidated volume purchasing.

A Bespoke Solution For Your Unique Situation

We work closely with you to design a programme that meets your specific needs around your procurement processes.

Order Placement

A range of functions are available within the order placement module, some are essential to the base running of the system whilst others are optional and are designed to provide additional benefits to end-users.

  • Secure login
  • Order compilation
  • Order on hold
  • Order profiles
  • Contract product listings
  • Favourite product listings
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Regional suppliers
  • Order approval
  • Budget management
  • Activity capture I.e. occupancy, daily revenue

Order Transfer

This module manages the transfers of orders to suppliers, which may depend on the requirements or the capability of the chosen suppliers.

A range of solutions are available to ensure that no supplier is excluded from receiving orders from the system.

  • Data transfer
  • Email transfer
  • National/Regional supplier split
  • Alternative and secondary suppliers / temperature split
  • Copy email transfer

Order / Goods Receipt confirmation

This module captures data from suppliers and end users to provide tracking information and forms the basis of invoice handling and invoice reconciliation.

  • Order confirmation
  • Dispatch confirmation
  • Delivery receipt confirmation

Supplier Invoice Management

This module manages the reconciliation process between supplier invoices and customer confirmed goods receipts. Essentially price and quantity differences between supplier dispatch / invoice and customer goods receipts are handled and processed accordingly.

  • Supplier invoice capture
  • 3-way reconciliation
  • Credit request
  • Payment clearance

Payment Approval Management

This module provides the payment approval data against supplier invoices.

  • Purchase ledger data
  • Automated supplier statements
  • Invoice ledger data
  • Automated site statements

Reporting and Business Intelligence

By the very nature of the system, a large amount of data is held regarding all aspects of the clients supply chain, from orders placed to goods receipt, approved to pay data and much more.

The Marketplace suite of standard reports provide the regular financial and operational information required by clients and their end-user client base, single or multi-site.

Advanced Business Intelligence provides approved users access to a designated proportion of the base data and consequently gain a greater understanding of their element of the supply chain.