Designed by care professionals, eResman helps carers to care.

eResman is a comprehensive, affordable, easy to use, proven solution to all the administration and care plan needs of any care facility. By eliminating the need to search through paper to find the most current information, we give you more time to see to your residents needs and deliver better care.

Our ethos

eResman was built by care home managers, for care home managers on the back of two fundamental and guiding principles:

  1. Simplicity — It should be simple to use – recognising that care professionals who may have little or no computer experience will be the ones using it.
  2. Compliance — It must comply with legislative requirements as well as provide all the information required to run a home efficiently.

With those principles in mind, and with constant feedback and input from our userbase; eResman continues to grow, expand and meet the growing needs of care providers.

Giving You Time To Care

Originally designed by care home managers and professionals; they quickly identified the need to improve the quality and efficiency of record keeping within a home, while reducing the time that staff spent on the task. eResman is designed to help you meet all your legislative requirements and to sail through your inspections, but more importantly it makes providing care more about caring and less about paper-work.

Features include;

  • Diary System
  • Care Planning
  • Assessment Tools
  • Medical Records
  • Document Management
  • Body Mapping
  • Instant Reports

Constantly Updated

Nothing ever stays the same, the day-to-day needs of your residents change and so too do your requirements of eResman. To this end we're invested in improving and evolving our system. We don't pretend to have all of the answers, that's why we incorporate your ideas on how we can make eResman even better via our on-going product development programme.

We liaise regularly with numerous care home professionals to ensure that eResman is ever-evolving to bring you the features you needs as you need them.

Looking for a feature you can't find?

Get in touch, the chances are that it's already either in eResman, in development, or on our road-map. Join the beta programme and get to trial the newer features before they roll out to the masses.