A feature rich compliance, monitoring, and management solution.

iPERFORM enables full monitoring of all your business risks and ensures that you are 100% compliant with your policy and procedures & legislation. Simultaneously allowing users at all levels of the organisation to see information relevant to them, and to allow them to record, monitor and report on all results.

Monitor All Your Business Risks

Included with iPERFORM is a comprehensive reporting suite provides your Key Performance Indicators and Dashboard facilities so you can see at a glance, how well your organisation is doing.

Key features / Benefits

  • Helps maintain legal compliance and safeguards against litigation and criminal action.
  • Assists in proving due diligence.
  • Helps maintain and increase quality standards throughout your organisation.
  • Provides an internal audit of all health & safety related issues across the properties.
  • Contributes to staff review processes.
  • Provides day-to-day support for regional & line management.
  • On Demand Technology provides true remote access worldwide via any internet-enabled PC without the need for any additional hardware or software.
  • Multi-level, permission based access.
  • ‘Live’ reporting system enabling the monitoring of key performance indicators daily.